What You Are Going to Do If You Get 1 Million $

2 min readJul 17, 2020

“Having money is not enough for success”.

I am going to take the following steps-

Step-1 I keep myself calm down.

Step-2 I research problems that are facing society’s current time.

Step-3 Sort which problems can be converted into business so that I can solve problems and extracted profit from it.

Step-4 Contact other people who are also interested in and start to learn and teach them i.e start building a team.

Step-5 After the appropriate network take step forward to start.

Why I take these steps-

Reason For,

Step-1 When we have money our first focus shifts towards spending it not to wisely use it bcoz society shapes ourselves in that way to spend not use.

Note- There is a difference between use and spend.

Step-2 Every business that provides solutions will grow, so my first approach is to find problems.

Step-3 Every problem can’t solve in present, some take a large amount of time and knowledge. I sort problems in a way so that it’s solution can be started as soon as possible.

Step-4 It’s the most crucial step that creating an effective network. This leads to building a team with skilled and curious people.

Step-5 Now, our vision is clear so we take step forward to solve problems.

What I gain?

I start with only vision(I don’t spend money, money only triggers vision) and I network with a team in that people contribute with money, knowledge, and their skills. I started with 1 million $ and now I have more wealth.

Wealth = Money+Skill+Network+Support+Other

Ask yourself the same question and write your answer?




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