The Business of the 21st Century

4 min readJul 15, 2020

“How much you earn doesn’t matter if not wisely use you will burn it.”

The book explains the major two answers.

  1. Why should we consider business as our future?
  2. What is network marketing and why it is valuable?

Before answer these questions I interpret some definitions that the writer points out very intensely?

Asset-It is a sustainable source of the outcome, in terms of money, it is a source that produces money without deploying itself.

Any source that gives you money with depletion is not an asset.let’s take a simple example that you buy land of worth 10lakh and you sell it at price 20lakh, it generates money but is not an asset, it is the liability because it deployed itself.

The writer interprets that we should create an asset, not the liability.

Wealth-It is not the amount of money that anyone holds. It is defined as the cash flow that we generate with our assets. If you have money but not cash flow, you are not wealthy. As people won millions in a lottery and suddenly became rich turns poor within three years because they have money but not cash flow.

Quadrant-Writer uses four quadrant theory to explain what is the difference between rich and poor. Money does not become rich anyone. He takes four quadrants left E, S, and right S, I, and point why we should live in the right quadrant.

Now I am going to answer the first question, but first, we should know why should not consider the job as our future that majority of our society takes?

If you are not a visionary person you want a normal life like many others a job is just fine but not good. A lot of people taking jobs because they feel it is secure and stable but it is industrial information time so if the risk is everywhere, why can we choose a path that produces a more effective output of our effort so we should consider a job, not as our future.

Now, we consider business our future, but which type of business gives us the most expected future?

According to the writer, we should consider a business that works as an asset. There are a lot of options available in the world to do this but we should consider a business that not only generates wealth but also develop ourselves, increase our skills, taught us more than our expectations. There is a business that provides all the above things, it is “Network Marketing”.

Now I am answering the second question,

Network marketing is also a type of business model that is driven by a long chain of people. These companies do not choose celebrities to advertise and sell their product. They use people to do it. In network marketing companies teach people and train them for respective tasks, but it is not only limited for companies, but people associated with them also do the same to build their own network. The process is going on, and a marketing chain is created that is driven by people.

Network marketing is for everyone not only for people in sales. The most crucial ability you needed is not to sell the product, but a networking chain. Your first priority is not to earn money by network marketing but to acquire knowledge in network marketing.

Network marketing builds the following assets that a very important in real-world life-

1: A Real-World Business Education

2: A Profitable Path of Personal Development

3: A Circle of Friends Who Share Your Dreams and Values

4: The Power of Your Own Network

5: A Duplicable, Fully Scalable Business

6: Incomparable Leadership Skills

7: A Mechanism for Genuine Wealth Creation

8: Big Dreams and the Capacity to Live Them

Conclusion of all above is that we need to start the business in which people connect with each other and they can share their knowledge, teach and learn from each other and build an effective network. The success of anyone depends on how much an effective network he has. Successful people have the network, we can see, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk. Network marketing major goal is all about building a network so we need it. Whatever business you are doing is going to fail if you don’t have the network. If you want to become the rich, before focusing on money create a network. The difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich have a network but the poor don’t. The network is such an asset that creates continuous cash flow.




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