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Personal Financial Strategy

“We spend more than our half a day to earn it then why we can’t give some time to wisely spent it.”

This is my introduction article about our personal finance and in this article, I am going to raise the questions and help you to find their answers.

1. I didn’t earn a sufficient amount of money?

2. I am earning a sufficient amount of money but can’t save much?

3. I am earning this particular amount of money but can’t raise it?

4. I have more expenses than my income?

These and any type of personal finance-related problem if you want a solution then must read this article.

I am giving here a brief idea where our all money disappears. You blame the government that it raises the taxes on every good and service or expanse a lot of money waste. These are initial thoughts that we think when it comes to our personal financial management but these are very small factors less than 25 percent.

Now the question arises where our rest of money goes?

First, try to think of yourself and demands the answer. If you get then it’s very good but if it isn’t then hang with me. I am going to give you a strategical solution but before getting solutions let’s talk about it causing factors.

There are a lot of external factors that trigger you to waste money. If you are thinking that are the products in the market that attracts you it’s not totally true. There are much bigger giants than you can ever think so how to identify and create a strategy to defeat them.

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