How to use dapps on mobile

3 min readAug 15, 2022


Using dapps on any mobile device


Dapps are the applications that use blockchain as their backend instead of a server. on a server, users don’t need to pay directly because the application builders are handling it for them, but it is not the same with blockchain-based applications, where users need to pay directly in cryptocurrency to the blockchain every time they update the data that is called the gas fee.

Dapp inside mobile

A crypto wallet is a piece of software that holds crypto and lets users pay crypto to recipients in a secure environment.

In order to pay for the gas fee users need to use a wallet that holds the crypto and let users make payment in a secure environment whenever they want.

Because of security reasons wallets are not built into the websites so users need to add from outside.

Building a browser extension is easy from a mobile application that’s why from starting browser extension of most wallets are available while for mobile not.

As we all know there are more mobile users in the world than PC that’s why now builders have started to focus on going mobile.

Solana going full-on mobile

How to use wallets on the mobile to interact with dapps?

I am going to explain it using two site one is major Defi website and the other one is top NFT marketplace.

Open the dapp supported wallet/browser in your phone. I am going to use trust wallet here but you can use Brave Browser, coinbase wallet, and any other of your choice. The process will be the same only UI will be different.

Choose the dapp/browser first

After it you will something similar to your browser UI and search it for the site here

The google result will look the same as usual

Click on the link and you will be inside the application and inside the app you need to find the wallet connection button.

On major defi application, the dapp is separated from the main site so you need to click on the app to access the dapp.

After entering in the app you will see your wallet connected here.

That’s it now you successfully use a dapp inside your mobile.

Now to put it into practice use to test that you have actually learned it.




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