How to start with blockchain and crypto?

You wanted to start with blockchain and crypto, Right?

You may be asking yourself how should I start with them, so that why I am here and I am gonna help you to understand both of them and how to start with them.

So without waiting let’s start…..

What is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is just another form of money that is present virtually despite physically, means you can see it in your electronic devices but can’t touch it. Examples of cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETC), Cardano(ADA) and many other you see in crypto markets.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is one of the technologies which is being used to create the cryptocurrencies. You can think of blockchain like softwares are being used in your bank to keep track of your money.

So you got the idea of cryptocurrency and blockchain, Now what?

Now you need to choose with which one you wanna start, so try to answer following question and you will get what you want.

  1. Do I want to make money by putting money?
  2. Do I want to make money with learning a technology?

So you answered the questions Right?

If you are intrested in first then you want to be a Crypto Invester.

How to became an crypto investor?

Crypto market isn’t like traditional market, here you need to understand things that are not easy despite you are not a tech guy you need to understand some technological terms.

To start crypto investing, have to create an account at a crypto exchange and complete your KYC.

2.Most cases first you need to buy a stable coin and then swap this with your desired coin.

Note — Putting money in any coin or token is risky so before inversting in any crypto asset analyse it carefully.

If you are intrested in second then you are wanting to become a blockchain developer.

How to start with it?

Let’s try to answer it, If you want to be a blockchain developer then you need to follow these steps -

choose a blockchain with you wanna start,Ethereum is most famous and with the biggest community so let’s see a road map how to be a developer on Ethereum blockchain. (If you choose another blockchain then languages and SDK’s might be different but basic road map remains same)

  1. Choose a Programming language that is used at the blockchain, for Etherum it’s solidity. for starting with solidity — The learning resource and ide is . You can start with them
  2. Start with frameworks and tools For Ethereum tools are Truffle , Hardhat , Waffle

3. See which type of projects are being made on the blockchain, on Ethereum the beginners are

check this cool github for beginners

  1. Voting system
  2. Multisign Wallet
  3. ERC 20 token sale
  4. online casino
  5. Banking system

Tip — During projects try to collaborate with people in projects and share your learning with people without hesitation.

4. To get the job in crypto industry I will write a whole blog because it’s a wide topic.

Note — As a developer you can also use your knowledge and skills to make money without being a developer. How ? In crypto industry there are things that mostly developers can understand and make money with them like Flash loans.




Hii, It’s Aduttya. I am a Blockchian developer and crypto Enthusiast.I help people to understand complexity of blockchain and crypto in simpler ways.

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Hii, It’s Aduttya. I am a Blockchian developer and crypto Enthusiast.I help people to understand complexity of blockchain and crypto in simpler ways.

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