How to earn free crypto

4 min readSep 13, 2021

If you are searching for another Bitcoin or Ethereum you won’t find it, why?

The honest reason behind it is miracles happens once, like what happened with bitcoin got never repeated. Some people might argue it with Ethereum but in reality Bitcoin is Bitcoin and no other crypto had replaced it.

Now let’s come to the point why am I telling you all this and what is in it for you? opportunity !

But how ?

I am gonna make 250 $ for you in just 13 minutes. Won’t believe what you just read but it’s real, so without waiting let’s start.

First thing you need to do is click or copy the link

You will redirected to the official page of HI token and it will look like this (above image).

Now click at the red circled area which looks like three horizontal lines.

After clicking the red circled area, the opened menu will look like this.

Click on the Web App

Enter you mobile number and it will asks you for permission which would look like this.

Click the I’m new — Sign me up and then it will give you a puzzle which seems to be look like (if you are on desktop then puzzle should be choosing mentioned images).

Slide the three vertical sign button to right until it overlap the image in the screen and then it will show you the sign that your verification

It will asks you to Set your password which will look like this and after this click next.

Now here comes the most interesting part where you gonna need me, so after entering your password it will ask you for a referral(nickname) and it would look like this.

In this section you have to enter my nickname which is Aduttya and it should look like this.

Voila ! after entering the nick you will redirected to your HI token dashboard which should look like this.

It will show you some instructions to read and scroll down the screen and click the your favourite social media platform (currently only what’s app and telegram are available).

After entering your social media platform, mine is what’s app, so your what’s app will look like this.

Type hi in your chat box and it will show you all possible options, because we are claiming our rewards so we enter 1 in the chat box and it will ask you a simple question, answer it and you will get your daily reward and after it enter 4 to check your reward balance.

Now you are wondering did I fulfil my promise ?

Actually Yes you just got 1 HI token it took only less than a minute. Now you have to claim this HI token everyday with you favourite social media platform and it won’t take more than 2 seconds everyday.

so mathematically (2 x 364)/60 = 12 minutes approx

Voila! you have just earned your first free crypto.

Did you like this experience ?

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Hii, It’s Aduttya. I am a Blockchian developer and crypto Enthusiast.I help people to understand complexity of blockchain and crypto in simpler ways.