Financial Strategy(self-reflection)

3 min readJun 30, 2020
self-reflection tells who you are...

How much you earn doesn’t matter if not use wisely you will burn it.”

Following is a rough percentage of expanses of an average consumer :

Groceries: 28%

House and Utilities: 17%

Cloths and Footwear: 14%

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In this article, I am discussing how self-reflection works in our financial life.

Look at these statistics that I represented above and calculate these percentages in your finance. Observe around yourself how much stuff you have and how much you needed.

Every month you made with yourself financial commitments but can’t follow and make responsible yourself for that.

Have you ever think what triggers you to not follow yourself?

A lot of people ask these questions frequently yourself, friends, and their well-wishers and probably get answers, but are these solutions exactly work according to your expectations. If ‘yes’ then OK else you need to continue reading.

Now here comes the solution in the simplest word that is your ongoing habit.

What is an exactly ongoing habit that triggers me to do all these creepy work?

That is the most important question that you need to ask yourself now. If you do not ask “ how much you earn doesn’t matter you will burn it yourself.” Let’s take a simple example, you make yourself a promise that I am going to save a particular amount of money every month or your decided time. How long you continue it and how many times you make this plan and fail. You need to know these answers.

Solutions of these problems only inside yourself and around you the only difference that you are not asking yourself the right question. I am going to help to find these solutions by describing the cause that triggers you and how to defeat them, but you take the primary idea in your mind that unless you are not asking the right questions yourself. How many strategies you follow, how many personal finance books you read, or doing whatever else doesn’t matter.

I am giving you a simple exercise just ask yourself, your friends, or anyone in your network How much money they get in a month and how they are using it. Try to complete this exercise because it will help you to find more accurate answers of your questions.

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